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How To Create a Profitable Ad Campaign

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--PRESENTED BY: Scott Lindquist, LMT--

Facebook™ Advertising is currently the most powerful advertising platform on the planet.

It has also been the single biggest thing I've done to boost my practice... yet I hear so many massage therapists complaining that it isn't working for them.


Well, just like anything else, there are Best Practices when it comes to creating a winning Facebook™ ad campaign. That's where this class comes in...


1) You will be able to create a properly targeted, PROFITABLE Facebook™ ad campaign for your massage practice

2) You will be able to find and understand your results as you go, so you are able to see when an ad is NOT working and needs to be edited or cancelled

3) You will understand some of the reasons why ads you've ran in the past didn't give you the results you were looking for, and will know how to change them so it is less likely to happen again

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  • An example of what can be achieved with Facebook™ ads
  • What Facebook™ ads really are
  • A Winning Strategy For Your Ads
  • Limiting Beliefs That Have Held Other Therapists back

Anatomy of an Ad:

  • Definition of Terms
  • Copywriting Strategies
  • Creative Strategies

Setting Up Your Ad:

  • Selecting Your Campaign Objective
  • Creating the Right Audience (Do's and Don'ts)
  • Choosing Your Placements
  • Budgeting and Scheduling Best Practices
  • Creating Your Ad
  • Placing Your Order

Measuring Your Results:

  • How To Find The Results You Need To Know About
  • Knowing Whether Your Ad is Doing "Good" Or Not
  • Making Changes Based on Your Results

Putting It All Together:

  • See Real-Life Examples of Other Therapists' Ads, and Learn Changes They Can Make To Do Better
  • An Easy Formula To Create a Successful Ad Campaign
  • Having The Right Mindset To Succeed At Advertising


Things have been going SO well for my ads, that I decided to update the course with an additional section that covers VIDEO Ads! These three NEW lectures are...

  • The Truth About Video Ads
  • How to Create a High-Performing Video Ad
  • A Bonus Strategy that has worked wonders for me!


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Frequently Asked Questions

When does this class start and finish?
The class is pre-recorded, which means you can start watching immediately!
How Long Will I Have Access?
You will have LIFETIME ACCESS after purchasing. You can watch it as many times as you want... and from ANY DEVICE!

Your Instructor

Scott Lindquist, LMT
Scott Lindquist, LMT

Hi I am Scott Lindquist, and I've been a licensed massage therapist since 2003. In 2008 my dream came true when I founded my own pain-relief clinic, The Muscle Medics in Papillion, NE.

Since then, I have seen the worst of the worst come through my door, and have consistently been amazed by the power of our craft. Massage has been able to help conditions I never would have thought possible. I am compelled to share that information with as many people as I can during my lifetime, and empower other massage therapists to do the same.

MY VISION: A world where every massage therapist has the skills needed to succeed on his or her own... and can break free from franchises, spa chains, and other "professionals" who would exploit them.

MY MISSION: To share with as many therapists as possible the strategies, tactics and techniques necessary to achieve a greater success in our industry. As of 2017, the average annual income for a massage therapist is around $26,000; my mission is to help therapists at least triple that.

MY GOAL: To help you skyrocket your practice to levels you thought you couldn't, enjoy your work more than you ever imagined, and extend your career by providing you with high quality courses you can't get anywhere else. I am grateful for the opportunity to share my material with you, and am honored by your trust in me.

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